Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Indigo Child 2009 Calendar

I like the paintings by Carrie Chau - a Hong Kong designer/artist. The first time I came across her designs were outside of Time Square around last Christmas. There was displays of her designs in 3D form. At that time, the designs were "interesting" and different but didn't really strike any chord in me. After that, by chance, I ran into her shop and looked at other products she designed. And I liked it and even bought something - that's rare for me to buy something totally not useful.

Then I saw this calendar designed by her for Time Square on a friend's desk. Only then I realize its existence. Then I saw it again on another colleague's desk. The more I look at it, the more I wanted it. At the end, I open my mouth and asked my friend to get hold of one for me. Since his wife is in retail and knows the Time Square, I thought it should be easy for him to get one for me. At the end, he gave me his copy. Good guy! Well, I got what I wanted and I really like it.

I tried to think about what I really like in her paintings and designs. So far I still cannot put into words. The feeling is evasive. I guess it's just me not able to "rationalize" why I like something. Always I'd just say - "I like it, don't know the reasons and don't need reasons". But I really want to express myself and understand my own feeling this time. I have been too lazy and not to think deep into this. I still don't have the answer but I will certainly try. Hopefully I will be able to post my reasons on why I like these paintings later on this blog.


  1. Don't try to put a reason for everything. Like it or not, it is all gut feelings.

  2. Mr / Ms Anon is right.
    Btw I think she has a studio around Sheung Wan~