Monday, March 16, 2009

Toy Maker

Toy Maker
Originally uploaded by Kenny Lok
Run into this old toy maker selling flour made figures in Causeway Bay again after we bought one from him more than one year ago. There is a mixed feeling about this encounter - first pity him on needing to work so hard when he is way pass retirement age, but then also glad that he is still in business. At least he has customers and can earn a living with his trade. Wife said likely most of his customers just buy from him with the intention of helping him out rather than really interested in his toy. She was probably right.

This picture was taken when he was taking his product tenderly one by one out from the white plastic container and into a tray. His motion was very slow which contrast with the busy people walking pass in fast steps only amplifies the sadness I felt. I just wish his business will be good.

Actually, his toy was pretty cool. This is the one I bought from him so long ago. Still looks very good!

Happy Piggy (by Kenny Lok)

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  1. What I would like to know is what is the address of that sign that reads "白蓮教神功“ because I want to go there. I mean, I know it's in geuss that it's somewhere in 九龍。So how about it?