Friday, April 3, 2009

Leslie Cheung's Memorial

April 1st apart from being Fool's Day is also one of Hong Kong's biggest star, Leslie Cheung's, memorial day.

I went to his memorial show outside of the Art Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui on that evening. Not really going on purpose but I happened to be in the area and I do like his songs, so I attended.

I was a little surprised by how much memory his songs bought back for me and my wife. We had a wonderful evening listening to these old songs which many of them I had sing for her in karaoke many years ago.

20090401-R0013761 (by Kenny Lok)
(Sandy Lam paying tribute to Leslie singing有心人 )

20090401-R0013764 (by Kenny Lok)

Never a "star-chaser" even in my youth. Leslie was not someone I particularly fond of when he first entered into his stardom in the 80's. I didn't even buy his records. It was only in the late 90's after his "second entrance" into the music scene and when he had came out from the closet that I started to like him and his music. I specifically mention about "came out from the closet" because after he had done that, I started to admire his courage and his "doesn't-care-what-others-think-of-him-and-just-do-what-he-likes" attitude. Always like that in a person. Besides, the style of his singing actually changed a lot from his early days and I particularly like the amount of emotion he put into his singing.

Even then I still didn't realize how big a star he was until one chance event when I went to his concert. I didn't mean that I didn't know how famous he was, I meant I didn't realize the "star-quality" that he possessed. One day, just any ordinary day, when my wife and I was kind of bored and wanted to search for any good shows around the town to kill time, we notice there was still seats in Leslie's concert so we just bought the tickets and went... rare spontaneous act when involving my wife (hehehe). That was a wonderful concert. I never see another artist when could control the mood of the audience the way he did. The whole stadium was under his spell that evening - he could make us dance, he could make us cry, he could make us scream and he could make us laugh... just the way he wanted it. That was a true star that I saw that evening on the stage. And that was the last time I saw him in person. That concert had became his last one although at that time no one had realized that.


  1. Your beloved sister... liked Leslie until he "came out of the closet"
    We should beat the crap out of her like we did when we were young.

  2. how lucky you are for having the chance to see the concert easily.