Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Indigo Child 2009 Calendar

I like the paintings by Carrie Chau - a Hong Kong designer/artist. The first time I came across her designs were outside of Time Square around last Christmas. There was displays of her designs in 3D form. At that time, the designs were "interesting" and different but didn't really strike any chord in me. After that, by chance, I ran into her shop and looked at other products she designed. And I liked it and even bought something - that's rare for me to buy something totally not useful.

Then I saw this calendar designed by her for Time Square on a friend's desk. Only then I realize its existence. Then I saw it again on another colleague's desk. The more I look at it, the more I wanted it. At the end, I open my mouth and asked my friend to get hold of one for me. Since his wife is in retail and knows the Time Square, I thought it should be easy for him to get one for me. At the end, he gave me his copy. Good guy! Well, I got what I wanted and I really like it.

I tried to think about what I really like in her paintings and designs. So far I still cannot put into words. The feeling is evasive. I guess it's just me not able to "rationalize" why I like something. Always I'd just say - "I like it, don't know the reasons and don't need reasons". But I really want to express myself and understand my own feeling this time. I have been too lazy and not to think deep into this. I still don't have the answer but I will certainly try. Hopefully I will be able to post my reasons on why I like these paintings later on this blog.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Got over 700 views a day on Flickr!

Wow! My photo stream today got over 700 hits and the number is still counting as the day has not ended yet. I'm very excited about this although such number should be nothing special considered Flickr has millions of users. Still I'm pretty proud of myself given I only started seriously into photography about 3 months ago. Forgive me for congratulating myself... hahaha

Monday, March 16, 2009

Abandon Bus Depot

Signal Light - L1
Originally uploaded by Kenny Lok
I said I would go back to that abandon bus depot last Tuesday - I did. And it was after two failed attempt during the week - one was stopped because of the rain and another time was because I saw two security guards in the area. I had to wait for Sunday morning to take these shots. Rare persistence for me!

Five in a row (by Kenny Lok)Iron door (by Kenny Lok)

Toy Maker

Toy Maker
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Run into this old toy maker selling flour made figures in Causeway Bay again after we bought one from him more than one year ago. There is a mixed feeling about this encounter - first pity him on needing to work so hard when he is way pass retirement age, but then also glad that he is still in business. At least he has customers and can earn a living with his trade. Wife said likely most of his customers just buy from him with the intention of helping him out rather than really interested in his toy. She was probably right.

This picture was taken when he was taking his product tenderly one by one out from the white plastic container and into a tray. His motion was very slow which contrast with the busy people walking pass in fast steps only amplifies the sadness I felt. I just wish his business will be good.

Actually, his toy was pretty cool. This is the one I bought from him so long ago. Still looks very good!

Happy Piggy (by Kenny Lok)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One Photo a Day

Flowers on the Wall
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I started a self imposed "One Photo a Day" project about a month ago in which I would take at least one photo each day and post it to Flickr (check out my 365 set there). Intention is to force myself to look around myself and not to loss the sense of wonder a child would have to everything surrounding us. It is easy for a grown up to take things for granted and become numb to this world.

So far, I am having lots of fun with this project. My skill improved and I become more observant (I think/hope so, haha). However, sometimes it leads to embarrassment too. Like today when I took these three photos in an abandon bus depot behind my office during lunch time. I was so focus on finding the right subject and best angle to shoot, I loss sight of anything else. Then I came back to reality when a colleague called me and jokingly ask me whether the company was consider buying the land with me doing the survey. So embarrassing! Well, I countered and said, "Yes, and your department will be the first to moved to this building".... hahaha

I quite like these 3 pictures that I took. Actually, I have not finished with that abandon depot. I will go back again as I see many photo opportunities in there.

Twin Turbines (by Kenny Lok) Someone's treasure cove (by Kenny Lok)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Few believes I can cook, fewer still have tried my cooking. Cooking was my way to relax, to put my mind off work and other worries. Just focus on making a nice meal and forget about anything else. Not anymore, now I have found photography.

Doesn't mean I forgot how to cook though. I cook these two dishes as my proof. Nothing complex but at least presentable...

20090308-RIMG0015 (by Kenny Lok) 20090308-RIMG0013 (by Kenny Lok)

... and that's a lot better than what I can say for majority of HK girls nowaday can do! hahaha

Inagiku 稻菊

Visited our favorite Japanese restaurant this Sat lunch. We started visiting this restaurant when it first came to Hong Kong around 7-8 years ago. At that time, the restaurant manager was still a Japanese seconded from their HQ. Can't say we frequent this restaurant as it is fairly high end and expensive. But whenever we felt the need to be generous to ourselves, it would be one of the few places we'd think of.

I must say the food quality is among the best, if not THE best Japanese food, in Hong Kong. Their lunch menu is very value for money - about half of what you'd pay for dinner. We especially love its sashimi although it's most famous for its tempura. Here are some pictures which I know very tempting for anyone who sees it.

20090307-R0012991 (by Kenny Lok) 20090307-R0012985 (by Kenny Lok)

And here is the link to its website. This is its Kowloon store, I heard the Hong Kong store above IFC has much better view but I never been there. For sentimental reasons, we always visit the Kowloon one.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A corner of my work desk

A corner of my work desk
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Today is such a busy day (and have been so for couple of weeks already). I have been glue to the chair and pounding on my keyboard the whole day to catch up on deadlines. Starbuck coffee is the stimulate I had to rely on to keep me going. Since my work desk is almost the only thing I see for the whole day, it's only fitting to photograph it for my "Project 365" entry.

This is the only tidy corner of my desk. The rest is full of piles of files, paper and other junks. I am too embarrass to let them into the picture! Must spare some time to clean it or it will overflow!

Okay. Let's give it another go

Couple of years ago I tried to start a blog. Like many of the things I do, I am not persistent enough and the blog died. With this new found interest of photography and the "Project 365" that I started, I decided to give blogging another go. Hopefully it will be different this time.

As a teaser, let me post one of my favorite photos I took recently.

Hong Kong Victoria Harbor. World famous for its beauty and every one in Hong Kong should be proud of. With all the harbor reclamation projects that's going on around the harbor, I hope that its beauty won't fade within my life time.