Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Childhood footsteps

Shung Tak School
Originally uploaded by Kenny Lok
I must be getting old. Suddenly came up the idea of visiting the places I frequent in my childhood. The main building of my primary school was still where it had always been. Just that it had been taken by another school and the name has changed.

So was my secondary school. It had moved to a new location but the old campus was also taken by another school. In this case even the outlook of the school changed so much it didn't resemble what was in my memory.

Then I was pleasantly surprised by still able to find the building of satellite campus of my old primary school. The same name was still on the wall! Right next to that was my kindergarten, it had became a ruin.

It was a fun trip back tracking the childhood steps. I took lots of photos of course. Next time when I got around to do similar thing again, these places might be replaced by lots of new buildings already.

See the photos from this link.


  1. Haha did your wife go with you to the ruins?
    I'm sure mine won't, because of...mosquitos and such

  2. Yes, she was with me. She just said there was no mosquitoes when we were there. Hey, you really should go too... before they forever gone.