Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daido Moriyama (森山大道)

About a year ago I chanced by this clip with a "Japanese Photographer" taking photos on the street. I didn't know who he was back then but this guy had opened up a whole new world of street photography for me. Since then I ran through Hong Kong taking candid photos of people very much like how this guy did in the clip. This became my style of photography.

When I get more deeply into photography, the more I read on this subject. This name Daido Moriyama (森山大道) comes up time and time again in articles, in forums or mentioned by other fellow Flickr users. I become interested in his work and search for his books and works via Google and on Only then I suddenly remember this clip. Could it be Moriyama-san who was in that clip I watched so long ago when I started out on photography? But I loss the link to the clip.... and only after much searching I found the answer to my question. Indeed it was Moriyama-san! Now I know the name of the person who inspired me into "Street Photography".

Afternoon nap

@ Macau

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